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Ventomat (Australia)

Ventomat Australia Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of AVENG Manufacturing DFC and a supplier of:

Ventomat - Anti-Shock, Anti-Surge Air Release and Vacuum Break Valves for water, wastewater, tailings/slurry and irrigation throughout Australia and Asia.

RF Pinch Valves – In line changing of sleeves, no re-setting of pinch gap required, patented ‘no-stretch’ sleeve design to eliminate wear at corners.

Insamcor Knife Gate – Slurry valves including lugged wafer (Stainless Steel and Ductile Iron) and replaceable sleeve slurry valves (flanged and wafer).


Year Founded 1997
Products RF pinch valve, Insamcor knife gate valve, Ventomat air valve, Ventomat nozzle check valve, Automatic dewatering valve, Level Control valve or Float valve
Fields Served Industrial facilities, Oil refineries,
Petrochemical complexes, Gas industry
Web Address http://www.ventomat.com.au

Product Documents & Specifications

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