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Schubert-Salzer (Germany)

As a fast growing high-tech company, Schubert & Salzer Control Systems GmbH develops, produces and distributes highly precise control and stop valves which are applied in the process industry.

Whether it is in the production of chemical or pharmaceutical products, food and beverage processing or the production of plastics, steel, paper or glass, as well as in the textile industry – in short, wherever liquid or gaseous flows need to be controlled, we will be there for you.

We are part of the Schubert & Salzer Group headquartered in Ingolstadt. Our subsidiaries in Benelux, France, India, the UK and the USA as well as more than 40 international partners offer you and your customers quality products from Schubert & Salzer "Made in Germany”

Year Founded 1883
Products Ball Sector valve, Pinch valve, Angle seat valve, Hygienic sanitary valves, Sliding gate control valves, Segment disc valve, 3-way valve
Fields Served Industrial facilities, Petrochemical complexes, Gas industry
Web Address http://www.schubert-salzer.com

Product Documents & Specifications

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