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New Comos Electric Co. & Riken Keiki Co. (Japan)

Cosmos & Riken Keiki offer over a hundred different models of gas detection and environmental measurement products
Toxic Gas Detectors
Special material gas accident prevention in the production of semiconductors and liquid crystal displays (LCD) Toxic gas leakage detection in areas such as oil refineries and petrochemical and chemical facilities
Gas detectors for preventing accidents resulting from oxygen deficiency
Safety confirmation in areas such as sewage disposal plants, garbage processing plants, and manhole work.
Prevention of gas accidents during underground work such as tunnel work or sealed construction. Work safety in areas such as paper-making, pulp and paper mills, oil refineries, and steelworks.
Gas detectors for preventing gas explosions
Prevention of explosions resulting from gas cleaning in areas such as oil refineries, and petrochemical and chemical facilities.
Prevention of explosions at LNG and LPG gas reception bases and tankers.
Prevention of explosions of drying furnaces in areas such as printing and tape factories.

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